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We are a professional sports management and promotional agency specializing in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Our passion for the sport and the athletes who compete is shown in the way we represent our clients and sponsors.

We understand the fight game and know what it takes to be successful in MMA.  You've been working hard to achieve success and make a name for yourself. Do what you do best and "let us sweat the small stuff".

If you’re a fighter looking to turn a hobby or a dream into a reality, you've come to the right place. We know fighting can be a full-time job. Most often there just aren't enough hours in the day to handle conditioning, training, self-promotion and all the other nuances it takes to make it as a professional. You’ll be part of a team of fighters with gyms and resources to improve your skills. While you're training, we’ll get you smart fights and take care of the negotiations. We’ll do this as we keep our eye on the big picture and help you reach the highest level in the most creditable promotions.

As a promoter you need genuine talent for an action packed show. You need fighters that are tested and true, always pushing for victory and never backing down. Our fighters aren’t afraid to mix it up. We have a pool of talent for all levels. Browse through our stable for competitive match making and give your audiences a show they won’t forget.

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Let us sweat the small stuff
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